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Your Business At Your Fingertips

Engage with your customers fast and professionally on any channel and on any device.

Business Sales Keyboard for Direct Sellers

Trusted by 1.5M businesses worldwide

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Organize your business content

Create a centralized hub for all your customer-facing resources:  Sales and marketing content, product catalogs, FAQs, support materials, and more. With Boards, you'll have everything neatly organized and easily accessible on any device.

sales content management hub for teams
achieve team alignment with the Boards app interface

Share & collaborate with your team

Drive alignment, onboard new members faster, and empower your team by providing them with everything they need to succeed.

Send it with one tap on any app

With the Boards keyboard and Boards Chrome extension, both you and your team can respond faster than your customers' expectations, on any app and any device.

create your own personal selling keyboard

Solopreneur? Don’t Stay Alone

Connect with over 14,000 like-minded business owners to learn how they grow their business with Boards.

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