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Boards for Brands

Reinforce your Brand by owning a Boards Official Account.

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Get Recognition

Get your Brand publicly recognized by the Boards community with Official and Branded Landing Pages to your Boards.

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Claim your Brand

Authenticate and provide certainty to your community that they are accessing your Official and compliant content.

Empower your Brand

Leverage your Official Account as a go-to content distribution channel to empower and grow your community.   

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Why Should You Apply?

An Official Account will help your community find and access your authentic content.

Credibility: Signal to users that your Board is authentic and legitimate, and that they are accessing Official and Compliant content.

Visibility: Increase your presence and exposure for your Brand with an Official Board.

New Features: Gain early access to newly released features, request enhanced analytics, and priority customer support.

Partnership Opportunities: Open up new opportunities for sponsorships, collaborations, and work directly with the Boards team.

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