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Program Benefits: What's in it for You?

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Personal Training Partner

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FREE training for your team

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Exclusive resources

Ready to grow your
business and team?

Let’s go! 🏆

Skyrocket your team’s success with 1:1 coaching, team training, and Boards best practices

Boards Accelerator For Top Leaders

This personal training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge to ignite your team and business using Boards, ultimately driving immediate boosts in your team’s results from day one.

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You will be paired with a Boards Training Partner

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1:1 call to set up your Team Board with your Boards Partner

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Live team training led by your Boards Partner

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Are You Qualified? Test Yourself

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Are you looking to grow your downline and business?

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Does your downline consist of 500 or more active members?

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Do you have at least one year of experience leading a team?

If your answer is YES to all the above, apply NOW! Spots are limited!

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How Boards Accelerate Your Team’s Growth

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Duplication Has Never Been Easier

Put all your words and “know-how” at your team's fingertips

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Manage your team & content in one place

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Unify Your Team with One Message

Fast onboarding and team communication

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