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I received an email to join a shared board, and when I log in I can't see the board 

Enter the app, tap on logout, and check the email address on the screen. You may have a typo. If you do, log out and sign-up with the correct email address. This should resolve the issue.

I'm trying to log in but I keep getting a message that my account already exists.

If the email address already exists, you need to tap on “Already have an account” and login instead of signing up. 

If you don't remember your password, tap on “Forgot Password”, and create a new one through the link you'll receive to your inbox.

Can I change the email address that I registered with?

Unfortunately It’s not possible to change your email address, but you can create a new account and duplicate your boards in your new account. Learn more

Can I use the same account in Boards for different businesses?

Yes you can! You can create as many Boards and Pages with different content pieces as you'd like!

How do I set up the app in my native language?

Our app supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German and Italian. Learn how

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