Power your mobile sales

Centralize sales content, activate your team, and maximize revenue with Boards—the first sales enablement platform for mobile sales.

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Maximize revenue with Boards


Centralize your sales content

Gather and structure all your brand’s marketing and sales collateral in one place. 


Arm your team with a sales keyboard

Bring your team on board so they quickly access your content from their mobile keyboard and sell confidently on any platform.


Become one strong mobile force

Activate your team with the latest content and campaigns, analyze performance and maximize revenue.

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Structure Boards just like your business: all your sales scripts, videos, product catalogs, and FAQs in one place.

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Your content is always a tap away

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Mobile is where sales really happen for


Sales teams








Direct sellers


Car dealers



How the magic works 👇🏼

Centralize your sales content

Add sales scripts, product catalogs, customer testimonials, ‘how to’ videos, and any other content your team needs to perform at its best.

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iOS  |  Android  |  Desktop

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Share with your team

Select the boards you want to share, and give team members access to use content, make edits and contribute materials of their own.

Send content in a tap

Now that your content is shared and easily accessible to team members, they can use it on any and every platform.

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Analyze & Optimize

Check out the content your team uses the most and learn how to improve it to boost sales.

Drive your team forward

Provide your team with content updates and changes, and notify them in real time.

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¨Boards is awesome. It helps your teams to stay organized and have all their content together. It has unreal features for your teams, you can share your content with your whole team in just one click, it's amazing!¨


Marta Miller

Beauty Influencer

"Boards is a game changer. It has improved my productivity and had made it super easy to share wording, created images and outlines with my team."


Tiffany Foreman

Brand Partner

"Boards reduces new team members' onboarding time, while building their confidence and developing new Language, Behaviour and Skills. It ensures that our entire team is aligned with the workflow that we believe performs best"


David Bevan

Nutrition Executive

"Boards makes training my large team quick and simple! I am able to send them a clickable link and all our info is at their fingertips! My newbies are thriving due to this app!"


Susan Wade

Brand Ambassador