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Herbalife x Boards official Board

Get the Boards App for
Herbalife Distributors

Enhance your business journey with exclusive savings on the Boards app – get 20% off when you upgrade to Boards Business, or begin with the Boards Free plan if you’re just starting out.

Herbalife official board

Boards App For Herbalife Distributors

Boards is your sales companion and your duplication platform.

All-in-One Place

Organize all your team’s and sales content in one centralized Board and invite your team to join it. 

Streamline Workflows 

From prospecting to follow up, create simple workflows to support your business.

Master Duplication

Equip your team with your know-how and premade scripts from day one, ready to share with customers.

Plans and Pricing Exclusively for Herbalife


Distributors Who are Just Getting Started


Create and access up to 3 Boards

Daily bulk of sending content from the keyboard

Share content from the app

Add content: text, images, PDFs, links and more

Invite unlimited number of team members

Create and share Web Pages and Forms

Send up to 10 messages to Board members


20% Off

Distributors Who are Building a Business


$7.99  per month (billed annually) 

 $9.99  per month


Everything in the Free plan, plus:

Create and access unlimited number of Boards

Send unlimited content from the keyboard 

Sent unlimited messages to Boards members 

Record unlimited voice memos

Upload unlimited video files 

Advanced Forms tools

Set content restrictions

Boards Analytics

New to Boards?

Upgrade within your first
24 hours and pay just


per month (billed annually)

Resources and Trainings

Join the Herbalife x Boards Telegram Group 
for Premium Support and Expert Insights

  • Can my team access the Boards I shared with them?
    All your team members will maintain full access to your Boards’ content if they have fewer than 3 Boards or a business subscription. If a team member has more than 3 Boards, we suggest that you make sure they activate your team Board(s) so they don’t lose access to it. However, all members of your Board(s) will continue to receive Board messages, even if the Board is marked as inactive. We highly recommend sharing this FAQ page with your team and advising them to activate your team boards after November 1st. This step ensures continuity in access and team alignment.
  • Can I switch between active Boards?
    No, once you have 3 active Boards on the free plan, you can either upgrade to the business plan or remove/leave one of your active Boards to activate another from the inactive ones.
  • Will this update affect my content safety?
    All of your Boards will stay available on your Boards list - even if you can’t use all their features. As always, the security of your content is our highest priority. Content from all your Boards will remain secure and safe as always and will not be deleted or compromised.
  • I have more than 3 boards, can I keep them all active?
    To continue enjoying the full power of Boards, and keep sharing and editing all of your Boards, we suggest upgrading to the business plan, which includes advanced tools built for businesses like yours.
  • Is the Boards app still free?
    Absolutely! Our free plan is designed for those taking the first steps in building their business, while the business plan provides professionals with enhanced capabilities and benefits. Learn more about the plans here (Open link on mobile)
  • What is the difference between “active” and “inactive” Boards?
    In the free plan, an “active” Board is a Board that has the full set of functionalities, like you have now : adding and editing content, sharing content, inviting members, sending messages, etc. Inactive Boards: you will be able to access the Boards, copy content, and receive messages (depending on the Board’s permissions). However you won’t be able to view and edit the content, invite new members, or share content from those Boards.
  • If I have the business plan, will my Boards be active for my team members?
    Boards subscriptions are personal. Team members with more than 3 Boards, should activate the team Board(s) as one of their 3 active Boards, or upgrade to Boards Business from their own account, to have access to all of their Boards.
  • I’m on the Boards Business plan, does this affect me?
    Not at all! The business plan does not limit the number of active Boards.
  • Why are you updating the free plan?
    We are continuously working on developing powerful, innovative tools and improving Boards for the benefit of your business performance. This plan update will help us keep doing this.
Herbalife official board

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