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Provide your guests a
one-of-a-kind immersive experience on your next event

Boards manages all of your events' content in one single place, all while boosting your guests’ engagement by allowing you to connect with them at all times.
Before, during and after the event.


Works for in-person, virtual and hybrid events!

Consolidate Event Content 


  • Event materials 

  • Venue information and itineraries

  • Guests’ exclusive content

  • Ticketing and upgrades  

  • Speaker bios 

  • Handouts and giveaways

  • Video conference access links

  • Recordings

  • Surveys and more!

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Boost Event Engagement


Keep your guests connected by communicating and promoting anything you’d like with announcements, before, during and after your event.

Unlimited messages.

Unlimited guests. 

No phone numbers required.

Drive Event Promotion


​Create unlimited and powerful webpages to introduce and promote your events, increase ticket sales, and provide access to your event's board.

Just like a board, in a page you can combine text, images, videos, links, buttons and more.

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