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Empower sales teams to win over consumers with instant messaging

Boards supercharges sales conversations by pushing the right sales content directly to sales reps' phone keyboard, to be shared with consumers over any messaging channel.

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Trusted by 15,000 consumer sales teams worldwide

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Drive Team Alignment

Take control over your brand. Consolidate all sales content, such as sales scripts, product catalogs, and training materials in a centralized hub, pushed to sales reps in real-time, eliminating outdated sales content, and ensuring consistent brand messaging.

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Boost Team Productivity

Sales content is instantly available to sales reps, directly from their phone keyboard, ready to be shared with consumers over any messaging channel, such as WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS, shortening response time and maximizing the value of every consumer touch point.

Gain Team Visibility

Get a clear view of your sales reps’ activity, learn how your sales content performs and improve it accordingly.

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Sales Enablement that Reps Actually Love

(Used by 1M reps globally)

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